With great skin comes great responsibility

With the various creams and moisturizers on the market each promising to “renew” and “rejuvenate” skin (as well as shed years off your appearance), it is often a hit and miss trying to find absolutely what is perfect for your skin.

Having being born and brought up in the hottest and driest of climates, and then moving to the other side of the world and living through frigid and humid temperatures, one of my most tremulous battles has been with proper skin care.

Don’t get me wrong.

There is no denying the benefits of sun exposure on the skin. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D (which is produced by our bodies with sun exposure) is important for normal bone formation as well as improved resistance against certain diseases. It is important to note, however, at times the ultraviolet rays can be detrimental and over time cause the skin to lose its elasticity and age prematurely.

Humidity and winter temperatures on the other hand? Entirely different story.

When the temperature drops, the humidity level plunges as well. Dry air leaves skin parched. Turning up the thermostat doesn’t help, either. Indoor heating strips even more moisture from air (and your skin).

With winter just around the corner, taking the necessary measures to keep your skin (and you) healthy, happy, and hydrated is essential so as tradition goes, I went to the health and beauty section at the local pharmacy today to prepare my “winter survival kit” as I like to call it.

First on my list and my absolute favourite? Gehwol Med Salve for Cracked Skin

Active Ingredients: Lanolin, Vaseline, medicated soap, panthenol, bisabolol, zinc oxide, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, seabuckthorn oil, menthol, camphor, and much much more!

The salve is based on a wonderful mixture of special soaps and lipid-friendly oils. It is used primarily for severe hard skin, dry or rough skin, or very cracked skin as commonly experienced during the winter season. It also provides protection against inflammation and redness seen with cracked skin. The medicated soap mixture, lanolin, and Vaseline soften the skin and leave you with a smooth and silky feel whereas the panthenol and bisabolol are effective in resolving cracks caused by excessive dryness. Other ingredients such as eucalyptus and other oils stimulate the blood flow and the camphor and menthol cools and refreshes. The product and it’s variants have been dermatologically tested and it has also been proven to be suitable for diabetics.

If used regularly the company claims that skin will regain its natural elasticity and resistibility and stay protected.

Available in 4 sizes ranging from 25 ml to 500 ml, this product is a must have and my best-kept secret (until now). Although I have only recently started using it, the results have been quick and nothing less than impressive. Within 2-3 times of application, my skin feels younger, fresher, softer, and more hydrated than the rest of me feels on most days! I have no doubt in my mind that with more applications, the results will just keep getting better.


For other must-have items in my “winter survival kit”, stay tuned.

♥♥ stethsandsparkles



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