Skin food for the soul

After a rough week of battling the flu I thought I would make a comeback to the blog world the same time I made a comeback into real life. You know that moment when you have been sick for so long that you just want to get out of bed and literally make yourself look and feel better? Well, this is the perfect time to give you all another one of my must-haves from my “winter survival kit”: Baléa refreshing and moisturizing face masks.

Found at your local Shoppers Drug Mart at an amazing value of 3 packs for $5 (or practically free thanks to my sister’s employee discount), Baléa is a German skincare line which not only has an extensive line of face masks but has ventured out into other exclusive body care products which is definitely on my list of things to try.

Since I have extremely sensitive skin, I am not one to get too adventurous and try different things but I am so glad my mom convinced me to make an exception and give these a try. As the packets claim, each formula is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. I have been a huge fan of this line since my medical school island days and each mask is infused with a variety of ingredients all meant to the serve one purpose: complete hydration for your skin no matter what the situation is.

So what do you use to bring your skin back from flu-cation to real world glamorous just in time for a night out in town with your friend from out of town that is visiting? The Coconut, Papaya & Vitamin E moisturizing face mask, of course.

Within just 10-15 minutes of application of the mask, my skin felt silky-smooth, detoxified, and exceptionally hydrated. Absolutely amazing deal for the price you are paying. My skin was also noticeably brighter and had a tanned and glowy appearance for the entire night. It felt so good not using foundation after such a long time! My on-the-go au naturel face mask which has never failed to make me feel pretty! Thank you, Baléa!

This isn’t my first time using this product (and all the other different masks) and it definitely will not be my last time using them. The best part about these masks is there are no effects on different skin types as far as I’ve seen even days after using them. My mother and sister are huge fans as well and with our different skin types they work flawlessly and leave us all with our own natural glows. It is also noteworthy that unlike most masks, while it feels dry to touch, it never feels tight and you are still able to move your face muscles while you are wearing it.

And if that’s not reason enough to be on your way to your local Shoppers Drug Mart, when you apply the masks they feel very cool and refreshing to your skin and the cooling sensation remains the entire time the mask is on your face.

It’s like skin food for the soul.

Buy yours today because my Mr. Owl is really overprotective of my set so you can’t have mine.


♥♥ stethsandsprinkles



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